Machine Room


The Machine room is well furnished with sophisticated instruments as per AICTE & PCI norms like Tablet Punching Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Ampoule Washing, Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine, bottle washing machine and more.

* These instruments impart practical training for preparation of various pharmaceutical dosage forms like NDDS, Tablets, Capsule, Ointments, Parenterals, Liquid orals and Packaging Science.
*  The college has dedicated lab for carrying out innovative research activities pertaining to the industrial or agency sponsored projects.
* This lab will be equipped with rapid mixer granulator, fluidized bed processor, Tray Dryer, homogenizer water bath, stability chamber.
* The equipment/machinery available in the laboratory are appropriate for conducting novel drug delivery based work including solid dispersions, spherical agglomeration, hydrotropes, micronization, microencapsulation’s for solubility enhancement and oral bioavailability enhancement using polymer and lipid based approaches, transdermal drug delivery systems for topical and systemic delivery, targeted nanoparticles, targeted microsphere, transmucosal drug delivery.